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About Idflieg

Some words about the aim of this site.

Idflieg.com is a project established from the lack of finding detail photos of early aircraft and engines detail photos on the web. Some machines, still surviving in various museums worldwide, are rarely photographed in detail and published on the web. Fortunately, many early aircraft are well researched, extensively photographed and published; my goal is to collect and publish as many detail photos as possible of the more rare airframes.

I hope to expand the collection of this site soon with more pictures of World War One aircraft and aircraft engines, and also with post-WW1machines, up to the 1930s. Hopefully, i will add pictures of other related subjects too: air guns, bombs, uniforms, etc.

You are invited to contribute with your pictures and/or history facts & technical details. You will receive full credit for your pictures. Please use this eMail to contact me: andiszek@gmail.com

At this point in time, the collection of this site is divided into two main categories: Early Aircraft Walkarounds and Early Aircraft Engines Walkarounds.

Thank you for visiting, i hope you`ll enjoy spending your time on this site and i hope the pictures found here are useful for your research.