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Early Aircraft Walkarounds

albatros ci at the krakow aviation museum The Albatros C.I was the first of the successful C-series of two-seat general-purpose biplanes built by Albatros Flugzeugwerke during the First World War. Based on the unarmed Albatros B.II, the C.I reversed the pilot and observer seating so that the observer occupied the rear cockpit which was fitted with a ring-mounted 7.5 mm Parabellum machine gun.
albatros bii at the krakow aviation museum The Albatros B.II was an unarmed German two-seat reconnaissance biplane of the First World War, designed by Ernst Heinkel.
hansa brandenburg bi at the budapest aviation museum The Hansa-Brandenburg B.I was an unarmed military reconnaissance biplane of World War I flown by the Austro-Hungarian Air Service.
aviatik berg di vienna technical museum The Aviatik (Berg) DI was the first indigenous fighter aircraft built in Austro-Hungary. Oberingenieur Julius von Berg (hence the name "Berg"), appointed as head designer at the Aviatik company, designed the first prototype late 1916.
junkers f13 budapest With it`s first flight in June 1919, the Junkers F 13 (or J13, it`s alternative designation) became the world`s first aircraft fully designed to accomodate passengers.
lloyd prototype budapest Initially designated as Lloyd LS1, this aircraft won four altitude records in June 1914. It was powered by a 145 hp hiero engine, praised as the best inlin engine at the 1914 Flugmeeting.